Trela Soles

Trela Soles one of the leading manufacturers of Shoe Soles of India-is a well known name in the Shoe Industry. Our soles are manufactured under the brand name “ALERT” & “TRELA”. It expertise’s in intricately developing well-researched high quality products. Our vision lies in designing and creating the true shoe soles with no compromise with the quality, as our commitment is for the best.

Manufacturing Excellence

We are one of the leading manufacturers of PU, TPR, PVC and Air Blown PVC Soles in India. We commit to assured high quality by using cutting-edge technologies with fully automated Italian machinery. High quality manufacturing excellence is the pride of Trela Soles.

  • We are the pioneers in the use of the latest technology of self integrated belt stuck on for PU soles. Utmost care is taken to give a uniform finishing.
  • We assure coloring uniformity in any color as desired.
  • Our soles are put through rigorous tests by the laboratory of Italy to benchmark our standards of quality.
  • We work with a highly qualified team to develop the latest designs in the moulds for the soles
  • We boast of a collection of over 300 designs in PU, PVC and TPR soles.
  • We have a production capacity of over 1 million pairs per annum.

It is our product that speaks for itself and for the brand that we have been able to build for our company in the last 30 years of manufacturing excellence. Our focused attention towards the quality of the products and in satisfying our clients forms our prime objective.